Why Joy?

Simple Private Sharing

Organize your adventures with the entire family using the Joy app. Share to their email address and your albums show up on their device and yours.

Safe and Secure

Joy has strict privacy controls, automatic secure cloud backup and we do not mine your personal photos for advertising data.

Slideshow Mode

The dual-angle wireless charging stand turns the Joy Album into an engaging slideshow display for low side tables or high shelves.

Supports All Formats

The Joy Album and Joy web app supports batch upload of a wide variety of photo and video file types including jpeg, png, mov, mp4, raw and even panoramas.

Cloud-First Storage

All your memories are backed up in Joy’s cloud service and recent albums are optimized locally so you can access your entire library and never run out of space.

10” Full HD Touchscreen

Joy is large enough for gathering around yet light enough to hold with one hand.