Meet Joy.
Your digital family album

The storytelling device that brings families together whether they're at home or miles apart.

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  • "The family album redesigned for the digital age."

  • "Joy combines the ease of sharing and viewing photos digitally--but also brings back the sense of nostalgia and attachment you get from a physical photo album."

  • "Joy has designed a digital photo album device and image-sharing cloud service that work together."

  • "Joy Album is here to solve all of your photo organizing woes."

  • "These days, instead of printing off photos and storing them in gorgeous books, we have hard drives full of photos that we never bother to access. Joy is going to change all that."

  • "Joy displays images and videos in delightful spreads."


The family album of the future

Without apps and notifications, Joy is a kid-safe device that lets your children enjoy their favourite moments.

So much better than a digital photo frame

Joy features cutting edge technology including touchscreen, video streaming and special features like VoiceNotes™.  

Album-making made easy

Using the Joy mobile or web apps, update your Joy device or grandma's device from anywhere.

Stay connected with loved ones

Any family member can upload photos and videos remotely to your Joy Album

Bringing families together, even when they're apart.

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Wireless Charging

Seamlessly grab your Joy Album off the proprietary magnetic stand.

Say it out loud with VoiceNotes

Simply tap and hold on a photo or video to leave a VoiceNote.

Brilliant 10.1" inch Full HD Display

Joy is perfect for sharing stories with your children. 

Bring Joy to your family

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