Meet Joy: The first smart photo album

These days, we are taking more photos and videos than ever before, and we’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. It’s nearly impossible to keep everything organized and together.

Our mission to create Joy began around this basic premise: to take the elegance of the classic family photo album and completely modernize it with the best of today’s technology. For us, the Joy Album would be a return to simplicity with a dedicated single purpose device. At Joy, we’ve created the first seamless end-to-end photo sharing solution to share memories with loved ones near and far. We cared about making it beautiful and accessible, so we designed it with a large 13.3” touchscreen for gorgeous layouts. With the Joy Album, you don’t have to mess with cropping or wait weeks for your photo books to arrive.

We also cared about eliminating friction between you and your memories. We built the Joy Album to be an open book to your life, no lock-screen, other apps or personal information. Friends and family don’t have to feel shy about picking up your Joy Album; instead it is designed for interaction right off the wireless stand.

Along our journey as we prototyped the Joy Album, we discovered we were doing more than building this unique product. Our greatest opportunity was to improve the way we connected again — like the days when we’d flip through our family albums together. With loved ones across the world in mind, we wanted to go that extra mile to bring families together. So we invented StoryTime: a real-time voice-call with screen share of any of your photo albums so you can be on the exact same page, even if you’re oceans apart.

We’re so excited for you to experience Joy. We know that when you’re immersed in your photo albums, you’re immersed in meaningful storytelling — -the moments of your lives with the people you care about. After all, every photo you took was with the intention of looking back. Now is the time to do that.

Joy is available for preorder starting today at