Delivering Joy to the World

This past week, we started officially shipping the Joy Photo Album to families across the country. We are so excited to finally be delivering Joy to the world!

At Joy, we believe that photos and videos are not just captured moments but opportunities to tell stories and bring people closer together. Over the past few years, we often heard the guilt and frustration from people about organizing and preserving their photos. It’s clear that few people have a good system to  manage and enjoy the thousands of photos of videos we take each year, especially with each other.

Today’s reality is that our pictures and memories are scattered across platforms, viewed on tiny screens or buried in photo streams. Somewhere along the way, we lost the joy that comes with gathering around the family photo album and laughing over memories. We loved those moments and we miss those moments. We wanted to bring that back for all families, to provide a greater closeness with cutting edge technology and new proprietary features like StoryTime and voice notes.

We set out with this wild dream to make the perfect storytelling solution, to help you express, relive and rediscover the moments you love with the ones you love most. We considered every detail and every aspect of the experience to ensure every photo in your Joy Album will invite conversation with family, near or far. After all, every photo is taken with the intention of looking back and sharing the story behind the shot. We believe that the Joy Album with its host of special features (and more on the way) will fundamentally enhance our enjoyment of our life’s stories. 

Getting here was a massive team effort. The journey to Joy took immense love, care, dedication and focus. The Joy Team built and shipped 6 products at once - iOS app, Android app, website app, Joy Operating System, Joy Photo Album and Joy Wireless Charging Stand.

We have to give a huge thanks to the amazing Joy team, our investors and my family and friends for all the support and love.

Welcome to the world, Joy! Can’t wait to see how you use and love Joy in your homes.