Why the Joy Professional Program?

A new revenue opportunity

Add value to your business by offering your clients different album options based on their preferences.

Promotion of your business

Joy will promote your work across channels and identify you on their site as an official Joy Professional and reseller of the ultimate wedding album.

Save time by not having to design albums

The Joy Album creates beautiful layouts for you, giving you back many precious hours and days of your life.

Be on the cutting edge

Offer the latest and greatest wedding album experience and excite your clients with an opportunity to have all their wedding photos (and videos!) in one elegant, modern place.

Deliver work to clients seamlessly

Now you can deliver your work to clients without the hassle of in-person meetings or a lot of back and forth. Simply create an account for your client and deliver their wedding photography directly, stress-free.

Your work is always on display

Unlike a wedding album that gets tucked away in a drawer, the Joy Album is the centerpiece of your clients' living room. That means your work is always being looked at and word of mouth references for your business happen naturally.